Frequently Asked Questions

We are your best source of Dunlop Foams for large, industrial & commercial orders. However, if you have a small quantity or one-off foam need then you can try your local stockists.

If you make contact with us via the contact form providing details on what you are after one of our experienced Foam team will be in contact to assist.

Dunlop Foams is a very proud New Zealand owned foam manufacturer, making foam in Auckland.

Durability is measured by various tests to give an indication of how long one grade of foam may last in use relative to another. Results depend on foam type and quality, generally the higher the density to longer it will last. Always refer to the durability rating before purchase.

Hardness relates to the feel of the foam where as Density relates to the durability or longevity of the foam.

Once foam is produced and cured, the product in inert. Please refer to the Dunlop Foams MSDS for further information.

If you are a customer of Dunlop Foams and are looking to purchase from our Industrial Foams range, please use the enquiry form to place an order with us. If you are interested in any of our finished products, please contact us with your name, location and which product you are interested in and one of our experienced support staff will be in contact with you shortly.

You can return back to your retailer who in turn will send it to Dunlop Foams to test.

We supply a range of different foams that have varied warranties please see within website for the warranty period for various ranges of foams.

Here at Dunlop Foam we have a number of cutting machines allowing us to cut foam in many different ways. Any 2 dimensional shape we can cut.

Absolutely, we often create different feels by gluing different foams together.

Foam is a great product for recycling, we take offcuts and old foam back to chip it up and re-use it as Bonded Foam, primarily used in carpet underlay.

We have a range of Fire Retardant foams called Enduro, these foam are well recognised as the go to solution for Fire Retardancy.