Our history and expertise in the industry allows us to produce top quality foams. This includes using the finest components, ensuring that our foams are durable and built to stand the test of time.

We know beds

We sell foam to a range of bedding manufacturers in New Zealand, from the largest through to some of the smallest. We have a wealth of experience in matching the right foam to the right bed support and comfort level.

• 20-100
• MA28-110
• MA28-130
• MA27-280
• VE52-060
• VE52-040
• EL35-130
• MA28-110
• Latex

Natural materials

Latex is a beautiful soft sustainable material & Dunlop Foams supplies it for mattress support cores and comfort layers. Made from rubber, latex is antimicrobial, so it's great for allergy sufferers as it helps fight against bugs and bacteria. We supply latex as a finished product.

Mattress experts

We have been making foam for mattresses for New Zealand beds for more than 40 years. We know how to craft them and what works best for your bedding needs.

Custom fit

Our team has designed and created foam for a range of mattresses that aren't just consumer or commercial beds. We are experienced in crafting bespoke mattresses for everything from caravans to boats.

If you want to see your concepts and ideas realised, enquire now with our specialised team to see how we can provide you with an exceptional product, to make your idea a reality.