Research and Development

We manufacture to the highest possible standards, to ensure our products are durable and stand the test of time. At Dunlop Foams we follow strict environmental processes which surpass industry regulations.


Every since we began manufacturing and creating foam products, Dunlop has set the standard for delivering top quality foam products to the market. Our technology, design and experience has made us New Zealand's leading foam manufacturer.

Foam Innovation

Dunlop Foams has a purpose-built laboratory where we test for a range of quality requirements that meet current New Zealand & Australasian standards. It gives us the ability to test your product range for characteristics which include: Durability, hardness, fire retardancy, heat pressure mapping and other foam related specifications you might need.

Rigorous Testing

We don’t just ensure our foams meet New Zealand industry standards, we take our testing beyond all requirements. At Dunlop Foams, we spend thousands of hours putting foams through harsh climatic conditions as well as through comprehensive compression testing until we’re satisfied they're perfect. We have the resources to test for anything your project might require.

Work With Us

We don’t just make foam, our team has a proven track record to work alongside you in developing new products that might form an integral part of your project. We’ve partnered with a number of high profile companies to help them launch a range of products from mattresses to filtration.

Environmental Choice

Our Dunlop Foams products are 100% recyclable. We cleverly reuse all captured waste that is then used to manufacture other products such as carpet underlay. Dunlop Foams works hard to ensure that through advanced manufacturing processes, we are continuing to reduce harmful emissions.

If you want to see your concepts and ideas realised, enquire now with our specialised team to see how we can provide you with an exceptional product, to make your idea a reality.